1) What is Truth Labs?

Truth Labs is India’s 1st Independent Forensic Science Lab, established with the sole objective of helping the victims of crime and injustice by providing dependable and timely forensic services to the people of India with easy accessibility and affordability. Truth Labs is the only ISO 9001 certified Forensic Science Institution in India offering non-profit services through a public society registered under AP Societies Registration Act 2001 at Hyderabad.

2) What is the need for a private forensic science lab in India?

Considering that over thirty million cases are pending in the Indian High Courts, Session Courts, Subordinate Courts etc., our attempt is to facilitate the speedy disbursal of justice to every individual or institution in India (NRIs can also avail) who find difficulty in approaching courts or police for resolving their internal, family or business disputes.

3) What is Forensic Science?

Forensic Science is any science used for the purposes of law, and provides impartial scientific evidence based on materials opposed to the personal evidence in criminal investigation and trials.

4) What does a Forensic Science Lab stand for?

The Forensic Science Laboratory is a place where the scientists of various faculties conduct laboratory tests on a variety of evidence materials, with one objective - to deduce all possible links to connect the crime with criminal and victim. It offers a full scientific service from crime scene to courts.

5) What types of services are offered by Truth Labs?

Truth Labs offer a comprehensive range of forensic services such as Questioned Documents, Disputed Fingerprints, Cyber Crime Analysis, Polygraph/Lie-Detector Test, DNA Profiling, Medico-Legal Consultancy, Failure Analysis etc in addition to providing Forensic Education, Training, Consultancy and Incident Investigation.

6) How many cases are reported by Truth Labs till date?

In the last two years, Truth Labs has reported over 750 cases of which 400 pertain to Questioned Documents, 100 cases dealing with Fingerprint Analysis, 50 DNA Profiling cases, 50 cases dealing with Polygraph/Lie-Detector test, 20 cases of Cyber Crime, 5 cases of Medico-Legal and 5 cases of Failure/ Accident Analysis besides providing Consultancy in hundreds of cases.

7) Who are the clients seeking Truth Labs services?

Truth Labs services have been utilized by High Courts, District Courts, Sessions Courts and Sub-ordinate Courts in about 300 cases; CBI, CID, Police Commissionerates etc. in over 250 cases; Corporate, Banks & Financial Institutions etc. in about 50 cases; and Individuals have obtained opinion in more than 150 cases.

8) Who are the experts at Truth Labs?

All the experts of Truth Labs are qualified, trained, experienced and accredited Forensic Scientists who served the Central and State Government Forensic Institutions throughout their lifetime honestly and retired honorably. They have been tendering expert testimony in courts all over India. In Truth Labs they have not only given legally valid opinions but also rendered expert testimony in over 100 cases in courts and legal commissions.

9) Is the report given by Truth Labs valid in the court of law?

The reports given by Truth Labs are valid in the court of law according to Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act. All the experts of Truth Labs were selected by Central and State Governments based on their qualification, trained and then after certain experience declared as accredited experts. They are declared experts in varied fields of forensic science and gained proficiency; as such their opinions and reports are legally valid and the evidence is admissible in courts of law or for any legal purpose.

10) What is the time taken for Truth Labs to give the reports?

The reports are given usually within a week and in matter of emergency in a couple of days.

11) How can we ensure the confidentiality of information in Truth Labs?

The information provided to Truth Labs, directly or indirectly, is kept highly confidential.