1) What is DNA?

DNA is Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid, a biological material found in all human beings and other living beings in a live or dead condition, which is inherited from both parents.

2) What materials contain DNA evidence?

All living tissues of human, plant origin including body parts like hair roots, nails, tooth, bones etc. and physiological fluids like blood, semen, saliva etc.

3) In what types of cases does DNA Fingerprinting prove useful?

DNA Fingerprinting tests can be conducted to establish the paternity of a child in cases involving:
a) Accidental or intentional child swapping
b) Property heredity issues (to determine parentage)
c) Disputed paternity (who is the father)
d) Personal identity of dead in accidents, fires, mass disasters etc.
e) Murder, rape cases with evidence of blood, semen etc.
f) Genetic linkage of animals, birds, plants, seeds etc.

4) What type of sample needs to be submitted for DNA test?

Incase of disputed paternity 5ml of blood sample is collected. However a DNA profile can be obtained from any biological material such as a drop of blood, saliva, semen, and any body part such as bones, tissue, skull, teeth, hair with root etc.

5) Where are the sample collection points located?

The subjects are required to come to any of the offices of Truth Labs located in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

6) What are the samples required for establishing maternity/paternity/parentage?

Blood samples of the child, mother and father need to be provided for a disputed paternity test. Only under special circumstances are samples of the child and one parent taken for testing.

7) How long does it take to get the test results?

The DNA test results are given usually within a period of 10 days. Truth Labs has collaborative testing facility with State-of-the-Art labs like CCMB where the samples are submitted for DNA Fingerprinting.

8) What documents do I need to bring in to avail the DNA Profiling services?

The subjects are required to sign a prescribed Proforma in the form of an Affidavit on a Rs. 20/- Stamp paper declaring the willful decision to undergo DNA test and then get it duly attested by an attorney or notary. Also all adults must bring a valid proof of ID like a passport or a driver’s license. Incase of minors’, a birth certificate or hospital birth record must be brought. Passport size photographs of all those providing samples for the DNA test are required.