1) Someone is constantly harassing and threatening me over telephone and using filthy and abusive language. Can you help me identify the voice if I record it using my tape recorder to know if it is one of my past friends?

Yes. Truth Labs can help in identifying the voice by speech analysis using sophisticated Speaker Identification tools provided the speech is recorded on a good quality tape recorder without any background noise or echo. The tape or audio CD can be then sent to Truth Labs along with the tapes or audio CDs consisting of voices of suspect person or persons again recorded with no background noise or echo.

2) Can Truth Labs help in identifying the video clippings in which one of my family members is shown in a sexually compromising posture which I believe is done by editing, morphing or video mixing on a previously taken blue film with someone else enacting?

Yes. Truth Labs can find out from a video tape or a clipping or an MMS converted into a video file whether it is recorded on a video format directly on a video recorder or it was subsequently altered, modified, edited or morphed.