Forensic Online Services during COVID-19 & beyond!

COVID-19 has its own deleterious impact on the entire globe sparing none. But the criminals had no looking back and they continue to indulge in thoughts and actions that have put the police and forensic science laboratories on their toes by continuously preparing themselves to tackle the crime and criminals.

And in Truth Labs, during the past 70 days lockdown time, we have dealt with more than 30 cases of forensic and field investigations involving fraud, cheating, motor accidents, fire incidents etc. which were handled reaching to the sites located in north, south, east and western parts of India by our teams and also handled cases of forgery, misappropriation, abuse, accounts manipulation etc. mostly using the new digital platform for receipt of material evidence in form of documents and audio-video clippings consisting of incriminating evidence which were analysed and reported online.

Truth Labs is not resting during COVID‐19 times and rededicates its full strength in the post COVID‐19 period also to be in service for helping the victims of crime in unravelling the truth and providing justice to all.