National Seminar On Effective Utilization of Forensic Science

National Seminar on Forensic Science

Truth Labs organized the seminar on Effective Utilization of Forensic Science towards
*Ensuring Rule of Law, Providing Inclusive Justice & Enhancing Public Trust*
being held in collaboration with NALSAR University of Law.
Place : 04th February 2023 at Jhunjhunwala Auditorium, NALSAR, Shamirpet, Hyderabad

Law, Science and Technology

Harnessing advances in science and technology to uphold the rule of law to enhance fair and equal access to justice, prevent discrimination, increase transparency, and ensure justice for all, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized is the need of the hour in the Criminal Justice System. New technologies are changing the lives of people around the world, they make daily tasks simpler and can make official interactions with government institutions easier, and can also provide innovative solutions to a host of rule of law challenges. Thus, technology has an immense untapped potential to strengthen the rule of law.
Technological innovation can provide equal access to justice, help to eliminate discrimination, and assure more transparency and accountability. The internet, for example, can be a great equalizer, providing people from all walks of life access to a vast amount of information and resources. It can be used to ensure that people have access to information about government processes as well.
This is particularly relevant in the public sector which must strive for transparency to prevent corruption which is a major concern of citizens today despite digital technologies utilised in multiple sectors. The rule of law means holding these institutions accountable, and new information and communication technologies can immensely help make this happen.
Many judicial systems have already begun to use technology to ensure that people are better informed by publishing court cases and other decisions online, enabling to access this information with ease. One of the greatest gains of current innovative science and technologies is efficiency. Efficiency becomes a rule of law issue in time-sensitive areas, such as the administration of justice, or prompt response to violence against women or children. Technology can provide marginalized groups with the resources they need to find help, and can assist in ensuring that the criminal justice agencies can respond to their cases in a reasonable time frame to remove them from danger, or more promptly vindicate their rights.
The vital role of technology for proliferation of organised crime is clearly reflected in the steep increase in cybercrimes, human trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering and so on. The range and variety of technological advances that can be exploited by criminals in perpetration of these crimes and other crimes against people and property is wide and extensive.

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