Audio/Speaker/Voice & Video/Image/Photo Identification & Authentication (AV)

Audio/Speaker/Voice & Video/Image/Photo Identification & Authentication (AV)
The trends of crime and the methods applied to detect the modus operandi of criminals and the evidence has significantly changed from conventional to digital means. In cases involving audio or video recording of voices or images of persons associated with an incident/event/situation/violation/act of omission or commission especially when there is an editing/morphing/manipulation/doctoring and etc. is suspected, one has to examine the digital evidence such as audio/video/photographs/images to prove/disprove about the very authenticity of recording and the identity of person(s) or voices of speaker using Audio-Video forensic tools and techniques, it is possible to prove or disprove the version of the defendant based on evidence made available.

At Truth Labs we perform
1. Authentication of audio recordings in a mobile phone, voice recorders handheld/recorders etc.
2. Authentication of video recordings in CCTV, mobile phone, spy/digital camera, IVRs and DVRs, broadcasted videos on TV, etc.
3. Audio-Video authentication when the recording devices captures audio as well as video
4. Authentication of pictures/photographsin any file format in cases of defamatory/threatening/anonymous/fabricated/manipulated images or pictures in official/personal disputes, scams, scandals, harassment, extortion, trap cases, examination scams, theft /murder, porno videos etc. when the recording device or secondary device such as pen-drive, CD, DVD, photographs, etc. are for personal/legal purpose.

Evidence when found authentic can be submitted before the Court of Law or any equivalent authority. The evidence when found tampered or manipulated can to establish his innocence/guilt of the accused.

Not in all cases the clarity of audio or video is so good to understand what is heard or is seen requires image/video or voice or audio enhancement. Truth Labs offers audio enhancement to enhance the quality of audio recordings for better voice clarity and Video enhancement for better visibility to identify the individual/object, to understand sequence of events, identification of number plate in hit and run cases etc.

Many a times it becomes necessary to confirm that the individual heard or seen is same as the suspect or not to make sure an innocent is not convicted and a guilty is not acquitted. Truth Labs provide Forensic speaker identification/ speaker verification to see if both the speakers are one and the same. Facial comparison by comparison of image/photograph/video to see if the picture is of one and only person, alongside facial comparison could be possible to verify the identity of the individuals based on the gait pattern analysis performed at Truth Labs.

Truth Labs provides 65B certificate when recording device is provided for examination.