DNA Profiling (DNA)

The types of cases that we have solved include:

o Paternity/Maternity disputes
o Kinship DNA test
o Lineage/Familial disputes resolution
o DNA Fingerprinting for Living Donor Organ Transplants
o Forensic DNA analysis of crime scene evidence and murder weapons
o Identification of victims of mass disasters
o Homicide cases
o Sexual assault and gang-rape cases
o Suspected baby swapping cases
o Immigration VISA DNA test
o Suspected cases of driver swapping
o Missing person identification
o Ancient DNA analysis

We work and examine a wide variety of biological samples including blood, teeth, bones, muscles, saliva, semen, hair, nails, bloody garments as well as physical evidences like knives, scissors, bamboo sticks, iron rods, used condoms, etc.

Our DNA profiling reports are legally valid, ISO certified, peer reviewed, confidential, prompt, affordable and accessible.

Our only purpose in doing DNA profiling is to provide peace of mind, justice and closure to families and loved ones.