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In India, today, the name Truth Labs stands for professional forensic science laboratory, operating in an independent mode, by a group of erstwhile senior forensic scientists of central and state governments who served the public with honesty and integrity and retired honourably and thereafter setup Truth Labs as part of their professional social responsibility.

By virtue of rendering prompt and dependable services with highest standards of quality under one roof, Truth Labs is now considered an alternate dispute resolution mechanism and also an alternative non-government organisation catering to the needs of police, courts, government, banks, insurance companies who consume 60% of its capacity, while 30% of the services are sought by common people and the remaining services are catered to other PSUs and private agencies.

Established in 2007 at Hyderabad, Truth Labs gradually expanded to Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata and has completed 12 years of its exclusive services assisting the police in about 1500 cases, courts in about 4,500 cases, banks and financial institutions in about 1,500 cases, insurance companies in about 1,500 cases and individuals in about 4,000 cases.

The services rendered by Truth Labs primarily involve examination of questioned documents (9000 cases), disputed fingerprints (1000 cases), DNA profiling (800 cases), cyber forensics (900 cases), audio-video forensics (900 cases), polygraph/lie-detector (500 cases), biochemical and physico-chemical studies (500 cases),  medico-legal evaluation (100 cases), crime scene processing (200 cases) as well as investigation of insurance frauds (1000 cases) and economic frauds (200 cases) besides 10 digit fingerprint certification and the total number of cases has crossed the 15,000 mark.

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The Expert Board of Truth Labs is headed by Former IGP & Director, APFSL, Hyderabad and consists of

  • Former Chief Forensic Scientist, Directorate of Forensic Science, MHA, GOI.
  • Former Director, CFSL, CBI.
  • Former Director, CFSL, Hyderabad.
  • Former Directors of FSLs of Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Punjab.
  • Former GEQDs of Shimla, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh.
  • Former Joint Director, APFSL.
  • Chief Document Examiner, Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  • Former Deputy General Manager, United India Insurance, Chennai.
  • Former Head & Professor, Forensic Medicine, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad.
  • Former Superintendent of Police, City Police, Chennai.
  • Former Superintendent of Police, Fingerprints, Chennai.
  • Former Senior Scientific Assistant, FSL, Delhi.
  • Former Assistant Director, TNFSD.
  • Former Inspectors of Police, Andhra Pradesh FPB, Tamil Nadu FPB and Maharashtra FPB and others.


MoUs have been signed with the Govt. of NCT of Delhi in 2014 and Government of Haryana in 2019 for examination and reporting to cases of Questioned Documents by the Experts of Truth Labs to clear the backlog of cases pending at Delhi and Haryana State FSLs.

Circulars and Standing Orders were issued by DGP Karnataka vide No.dated 07.06.2011), Order of the Commissioner of Police, Delhi vide No. SC/DCP/C&R(DA-1) dated 19.06.2009, Delhi Police Standing Order No. 219/10, Kolkata Home & Hills Department Order No. 738-Sanction/HP/BMC/14M-275/17 dated 28.08.2017 and 1193-Sanction/HP/BMC/14M-275/17 dated 06.12.2018, High Court of Andhra Pradesh Order vide ROC No. 404/SO/2019 dated 06.09.2019, advising their officers to approach Truth Labs and for the past ten years more than 5,000 cases have been successfully reported by Truth Labs besides other urgent, important and sensitive cases.

MoUs have also been signed with Microsoft for undertaking research, training and analysis involving Cyber Forensics and other computer related research and training programs besides starting with a PG Diploma Course in Criminal Justice & Forensic Science at University of Hyderabad in 2009, Banaras Hindu University in 2014 for Master Degree Course in Forensic Science and now introduced PG Diploma Course in Criminology, Criminal Law and Forensic Science at NALSAR in 2019.

Also, a large number of training courses have been conducted in the State Police Academies, State Judicial Academies, National Private and Foreign Banks and National Insurance Academy and companies like HAL, Bangalore for more than 3000 judicial, police, bank, insurance and other officers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

MOUs also signed with CCMB, IICT, BPR&D, etc. for undertaking scientific analysis and organizing training programs.


During the last 12 years, Truth Labs has offered a wide range of forensic services such as examination of Questioned Documents, Fingerprints, DNA Analysis, Cyber Forensics, Multimedia Forensics, Polygraph, Incident Investigations, Investigation of Financial Frauds and Suspicious Insurance Claims etc., in more than 15,000 cases referred by various agencies which includes

  • Courts including 5 High Courts, as well as Sessions & Subordinate Courts of more than over 20 States;
  • Police including CBI, NIA, CRPF, NCRB, CPOs and City, District Police, CID, EOW etc., of more than 15 States;
  • Over 40 Banks including public, private and foreign Banks;
  • Over 20 Insurance Companies including public, private and foreign Insurance Cos.;
  • Over 300 Central and State Government Departments & PSUs;
  • Corporates and MNCs, Law firms, Universities, Hospitals, etc., and
  • Individuals from over 25 States across India and abroad.


All the Experts of Truth Labs were the Former Directors / Heads of Departments of various Central and State FSLs in India. As such they were all recruited, trained, recognized, accredited as legally valid experts as per Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act and 293 Cr.P.C. All of them even after retirement continue to get summons from the courts all over India to give expert testimony relating to the opinions given while in service and as such they continue to be legally valid experts whose opinions are admissible in the courts of law. Therefore, the opinions given by these experts in the present capacity as experts of Truth Labs are valid and admissible in the courts of law and hence many courts across the country are referring the cases and calling them for deposing their expert testimony.

All these Experts have rendered expert testimony in more than 5000 cases across India in last 12 years in the High Courts, Tribunals, Courts of CBI, Military, DRT and Sessions and Subordinate Courts more than 20 States in India, Special Court, CBI Delhi as well as Metropolitan Court London, and Supreme Court of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

  • A MSME registered non-profit Society under the relevant acts of the Government
  • Affordable and Accessible to All
  • Prompt Reports in 7 days to few weeks
  • Legally Admissible Reports by Accredited Experts who served at the Central / State FSLs
  • Only one-stop Forensic Science Laboratory in India in non-government sector
  • All Experts erstwhile Central & State government served and retired
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
  • Free Service to Deserving People