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About Us

Truth Labs is an independent Forensic Science Laboratory initially set up at Hyderabad by a group of retired Directors of Central and State Forensic Science Laboratories on 2nd October, 2007 which synchronized with Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary. It was based on the consensus reached amongst many reputed and eminent public men consisting of Supreme Court and High Court Judges, Police officers, Forensic Stalwarts , Prosecutors, Advocates as well as common people, who unanimously felt the need for independent Forensic Science Labs that are accessible and affordable to all, towards upholding Justice through professional forensic services to ensure truth and integrity of investigations in crime and civil matter investigations in India.

As Truth Labs was established in 2007, an overwhelming and positive response was received from Courts, Police, central – state  Govt agencies , Advocates, private agencies and individuals who were found to be looking for such Quick and Quality services from a non commercial and non for profit  Forensic Science Laboratory. Two more Labs were set up at Delhi in 2009 and Chennai in 2010 attended by the dignitaries like the former President of India , former CJI , former Supreme Court Judges, Serving Chief  Justice of High Courts besides serving Home Ministers of Union and State as well as retired CVC Member Serving CIC member, stalwarts in Forensic Science,  serving Attorney General and other dignitaries strongly supporting this initiative meant for supplementing and supporting the efforts of central and state forensic science laboratories.

Widest reach in the country.

Spurred on the successful experiments of launching of Truth Labs in 3 metro cities the services were extended to other metropolitan cities within next 5 years adding Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata Labs.

All these six regional level Truth labs are headed by life time experienced scientists and police officers who earlier worked in Central or State Forensic Science organizations. In the last 16 years, many young scientists with Master’s degree in Forensic Science from Indian and Foreign Universities have joined the organization, gained adequate expertise and became proficient experts under the guidance of former heads of Central and State Forensic Science Labs and some of the home grown scientists have now rose to the level of Director, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors and Senior Scientific Officers in the 6 offices of Truth Labs and are able to offer the same high Quality reports within a month to the complete satisfaction of diverse clientele such as Courts, Police, Governments, Banks, Insurance companies, Tax authorities, Corporates and MNC’s, Embassies, Law firms, Advocates, Big 4 Audit Companies as well as individuals from all parts of India.

Comprehensive range of services.

The services offered by six regional offices of Truth Labs include Questioned Documents, Disputed Fingerprints, Forensic DNA examinations, Cyber Forensics, Multimedia Forensics, Investigation of crime scenes, Corporate Fraud Investigations, Insurance Claim Investigations, Financial Tax Fraud Investigations, Polygraph Lie Detection studies, thus covering all types of criminal, civil, financial, cyber, and economic crimes.

Over the past 16 years, Truth Labs has provided a wide range of Forensic Science Services in more than 27,000 cases to the Courts, Police, Government (40%), Banks, Insurance companies, Corporates, MNC’s, PSU’s, Advocates, Law Firms (30%) and Individuals from across the country and abroad (30%) by virtue of legal validity, Court admissibility, Law Enforcement acceptability and legally admissible reports in more than 10,000 cases. Expert testimony was given by Truth Labs experts in the Courts across the country in many states, cities, taluks and towns including High Courts, CBI Courts, Sessions Courts, Subordinate Courts besides rendering testimony in Metropolitan Court London, Singapore Court and Supreme Court, Malaysia.

Truth Lab’s Forensic Services are now reckoned on par with Central and State Forensic Science Laboratories and considered an Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism by the Families, Advocates, Law Firms and Public & Private Organizations to reach out of Court settlements of individuals, commercial and corporate disputes having been able to obtain evidence based truth through forensic reports by resorting to extended negotiations, mediation, arbitration, peaceful and permanent settlements.

Truth Labs is the only non-government independent forensic science laboratory having institutional infrastructure with full-fledged offices located in the prime locations of six metropolitan cities with highly qualified, trained and experienced Directors, Joint Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Senior Scientific officers, Scientific officers and Training officers as well as Interns with more than 75 staff members carrying out examinations with the State of the Art Laboratory equipment imported from US, UK, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and others.

Providing leadership in Forensic Science in the country.

The high end, high quality, prompt and ISO standard forensic science services offered by Truth Labs are guided, advised and mentored by reputed public men of eminence like former CJI, Justice M. N. Venkatachaliah, Former Law Commission of India Chairman and Former Chief Justice Karnataka and Kerala High Court, Justice M. Jagannadha Rao, Former High Court of AP Judge, Justice G. Bhavani Prasad, Former NPA Director, NICFS & NCRB Director, Sri. Kamal Kumar, Former Information Commissioner of CIC, Sri Madabhushi Sridhar, Former Vigilance Commissioner of CVC, Smt. Ranjana Kumar and Former DG of Police Vigilance & Enforcement, Sri. C. Anjaneya Reddy and others


quality certification


All the Senior Experts of Truth Labs are the Former Directors / Heads of Departments of various Central and State FSLs in India who were all recruited, trained, recognized, and accredited as experts whose evidence is admissible as per Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act and 293 Cr.P.C. They continued to get summons from the courts all over India to give expert testimony relating to the opinions given while in the Government service and accordingly they continue to be legally valid experts in Truth Labs, whose opinions are admissible in the court of law. The young scientists who joined by virtue of their qualifications are trained under the guidance of senior experts who have gained requisite expertise acceptable and admissible in the Courts of law. Truth Labs having reported over 25,000 cases have already rendered expert testimony in more than 5,000 cases across India and abroad in Supreme Court, High Court to Sessions and Subordinate Courts. Truth Labs now stands as India’s leading and foremost non-government forensic laboratory.


The services offered by Truth Labs to varied clients include:

  • Supreme Court, 6 High Courts, Sessions & Subordinate Courts of more than 20 States of India;
  • Police including CBI, NIA, CRPF, NCRB, SSB, other CPO’s, besides State, City, District Police, CID, EOW, ACB, etc., of more than 15 States;
  • Over 40 Banks including Public, Private and Foreign;
  • Over 20 Insurance Companies including public, private and foreign;
  • Over 200 Central and State Government Ministries Departments & PSUs;
  • Over 200 Corporates and MNCs, Law firms, Universities, Hospitals, etc.;
  • Individuals from several states across India; and
  • Visa & Immigration seekers visiting over 30 countries.

Our Legacy

As a prelude to establishing Truth Labs, a national seminar was conducted at Hyderabad on 2nd October 2007. This was presided over by Hon'ble Justice M. Jagannadha Rao, Chairman, Law Commission of India and keynote address by Dr. Palle Rama Rao, Former Secretary, Dept. of S&T, GOI and Distinguished Scientist, DRDO. Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza, Chairman, Truth Labs presented his views on the need for independent forensic science laboratory. This path-breaking initiative was unanimously approved by police, judiciary, advocates and forensic community.

Our experts

Truth Labs is guided by leading luminaries from the fields of Judiciary, Police, Management, Finance, S&T, Law, Business and Social Service sectors. With  their life time experience of handling national level bodies with impeccable recognition, they have been strengthening Truth Labs to deliver excellence.

All the Experts have rich experience of serving lifetime in the central and state forensic institutions. Having served with honesty and integrity and retired honourably, they have joined this unique initiative, led by Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza. They are all committed to help the law enforcement and justice administration with the sole objective of fulfilling their professional, social responsibility. 


Our Clients and Partners

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