Forensic Anaytical

Forensics Analytical Services

Forensic analytical services offered by Truth Labs cover examination of evidentiary materials known as physical evidence or objective evidence encountered in civil and criminal disputes referred by individuals, courts, police and other enforcement agencies as well as advocates and law firms, vigilance, risk, fraud and compliance agencies of the central and state public sector undertakings, statutory bodies and other enforcement agencies dealing with cases of human trafficking, customs, narcotics, money laundering, smuggling, terrorist and anti national activities.

Truth Labs offers the following forensic analytical services.


Document Examination

Document examination in cases of disputed, suspected or questioned documents, broadly to analyse and report on initials, handwriting, signatures, printed and typed matter, paper, ink, erased, obliterated and manipulated documents to determine the handwriting of a person and authenticity of the documents.

Forensic DNA Analysis

Forensic DNA analysis: to identify individuals, establish relationships and link suspect to crimes scene through examination of biological evidence such as blood, semen, saliva, tissue and other human, plant, animal based evidence found in wide ranging criminal activities.

Cyber Forensics

Cyber forensics: also known as digital forensics, focuses on investigation and analysis of digital or electronic evidence in a wide variety of cyber crime cases. It involves collection, preservation, examination and analysis of electronic data to uncover digital evidence related to cyber frauds, misuse, abuse and attacks, data breaches and several other cyber based crimes.

Audio-video forensics

Audio video forensics: also known as multimedia forensics, covers forensic analysis of audio and video evidence for investigation purposes. Experts use specialised techniques to authenticate and enhance the audio and video quality of recordings for identifying any tampering or manipulation of evidence and provide valuable evidence in criminal investigation, surveillance and legal proceedings.

Disputed Fingerprints

Disputed fingerprints division deals with fingerprints and thumb impressions which become questioned or disputed in documents like wills, sale deeds, agreements, cheques, promissory notes, receipts or other property related instruments when they are suspected to have been forged or manipulated by someone amongst the testifying parties. Based on the science of fingerprints which is infallible amongst all methods of personal identification, Truth Labs offers forensics services for fixing the identity of the fingerprints with the individuals.

10-digit fingerprinting

10 digit fingerprint taking services are provided for visa, immigration and police clearance certificate etc. required for some foreign companies and embassies before granting employment to permit entry  to respective countries and all related services are also provided by the fingerprint division of Truth Labs from all the six offices located at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Several MNCs, corporates, IT companies dealing with visa and immigration services and foreign student educational service agencies are regularly seeking 10 digit rolled and live digital fingerprint taking services for individuals or group of employees of corporate bodies through MoUs signed with Truth Labs, as a regular ongoing service on priority basis

Polygraph/lie-detection services

Polygraph / lie-detection services are offered for psychological evaluation of suspects in criminal, civil or economic frauds or terrorists related activities as well as murder, rape and anti-social activities by the qualified, trained and experienced forensic psychologists of Truth Labs, Delhi in individual cases on prior appointment. For undertaking analysis of a large number of suspects in civil or criminal cases or pre employment screening or post employment loyalty checks for employment in sensitive, national security and public safety related agencies, Truth Labs expert group will be deputed to undertake psychological evaluation to certify integrity, loyalty and personality checks on the individuals ate respective clients’ offices.


Cyber Forensics / Computer crime

Disputed Fingerprints

Audio / Video authentication

DNA Profiling

Forensic Linguistics (FL)

Physico-chemical & Bio-chemical Examination (BC/PC)

Psychological Evaluation / Polygraph / Lie-Detector (PE)

Forensic Accounting & Auditing Investigations (FAI)

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