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questioned documents forensic science

All types of handwriting, signatures, printed/typed matter involving forgeries, obliterations, erasures, alterations etc. On bank cheques, drafts, sale deeds, agreements, promissory notes, wills, GPA, minutes books, stamp papers, laminated documents, rubber stamps, colour scanned/printed manipulations etc. in Civil or criminal matters with the help of latest state-of-the-art equipment including Video Spectral Comparator, stereo-zoom microscope, magnifiers under various lighting arrangements, on various types of bank, academic, personal, business, property, legal documents such as cheques, demand drafts, counterfoils, pay-in slips, pre orders, account opening forms, loan agreements, mortgage documents, laminated documents, answer sheets, application forms, mark sheets, certificates, OMR sheets, answer sheets, wills, gift deeds, sale agreements, promissory notes, GPAs, registration documents, mutation deeds, settlement deeds, minutes books, board resolutions, MoUs, appointment and resignation letters, receipts, invoices, ledgers, passports, anonymous letters, suicide notes etc. In cases of forgery, cheating, conspiracy, falsification, misappropriation, embezzlement, counterfeiting, impersonation, mis-conduct, corruption and bribery, recruitment frauds, Negotiable Instrument Act, Central Excise, Income Tax and Customs related cases and other fraudulent transactions in business, family and personal disputes.