Forensic Analytical

  • Forensic Analytical
  • Questioned Documents (QD)
  • Disputed Fingerprints (FP)
  • DNA Profiling (DNA)
  • Audio/Speaker/Voice & Video/Image/Photo Identification & Authentication (AV)
  • Cyber Forensics/ Computer Crime Analysis (CF)
  • Psychological Evaluation / Polygraph / Lie-Detector (PE)
  • Physico-chemical & Bio-chemical Examination (BC/PC)
  • Forensic Linguistics (FL)
  • Forensic Accounting & Auditing Investigations (FAI)

All types of handwriting, signatures, printed/typed matter involving forgeries, obliterations, erasures, alterations etc. On bank cheques, drafts, sale deeds, agreements, promissory notes, wills, GPA, minutes books, stamp papers, laminated documents, rubber stamps, colour scanned/printed manipulations etc. in Civil or criminal matters with the help of latest state-of-the-art equipment including Video Spectral Comparator, stereo-zoom microscope, magnifiers under various lighting arrangements, on various types of bank, academic, personal, business, property, legal documents such as cheques, demand drafts, counterfoils, pay-in slips, pre orders, account opening forms, loan agreements, mortgage documents, laminated documents, answer sheets, application forms, mark sheets, certificates, OMR sheets, answer sheets, wills, gift deeds, sale agreements, promissory notes, GPAs, registration documents, mutation deeds, settlement deeds, minutes books, board resolutions, MoUs, appointment and resignation letters, receipts, invoices, ledgers, passports, anonymous letters, suicide notes etc. In cases of forgery, cheating, conspiracy, falsification, misappropriation, embezzlement, counterfeiting, impersonation, mis-conduct, corruption and bribery, recruitment frauds, Negotiable Instrument Act, Central Excise, Income Tax and Customs related cases and other fraudulent transactions in business, family and personal disputes.

At Truth Labs we have seasoned Handwriting Experts having served the Central and State Forensic Science Laboratories and GEQD’s of Government of India who perform various forensic examinations pertaining to handwriting comparison, signature analysis/authentication of signature, alteration in document/obliteration/indentation analysis, secret writing analysis, photo-shopped signature, watermark detection, rubber stamp verification, ink verification, and etc.

The state-of-art equipment including Video Spectral Comparator (VSC), Stereo-Zoom Microscope and Magnifiers under various lighting arrangements are used in detecting numerous types of document forgeries, cheating, conspiracy, falsification, misappropriation, embezzlement, counterfeiting, impersonation, mis-conduct, corruption and bribery, recruitment frauds, Negotiable Instrument Act, Central Excise, Income Tax and Customs related cases and other fraudulent transactions in business, family and personal disputes in disputed documents such as Land Agreement, Will, Gift Deed, GPA, Cheques, Laminated documents, Certificates, DD, Counterfoils, Pay-in-slips, Account Opening Forms, MoUs, Receipts, Suicide Notes, Anonymous Letters, Settlement Deeds and etc. received from General public, Courts & Tribunals (National/State/Local), Police, Banks, Financial Institutions, Advocates & Law Firms, Insurance companies, Universities, Private Organizations, Corporate & MNCs, Vigilance Bureaus, Government Departments & PSUs, etc.

The reason for seeking this information through a technical process is to shed light on events in the history of the document that have occurred prior to its arrival in Court. It will also allow the Court to review the correspondence between the technical testimony of the document itself and the oral testimony of witnesses.

Fingerprint experts at Truth Labs conduct various forensic examinations concerned with:

• Thumb impression verification
• Development of Latent fingerprints
• 10 Digit Fingerprinting

The fingerprint experts areresponsible for searching, development and identification of patent (visible) as well as latent (invisible) fingerprints, palm prints & foot prints at scene of crime on various surfaces and articles/objects such as currency, cupboards, walls,envelops, containers, doors, windows, etc. The experts also deals with the comparison of disputed fingerprints which are suspected to have been tampered with in cases of property disputes/ manipulation, recruitment frauds, impersonation, fraudulent transactions etc., along with obtaining 10 Digit fingerprints on fingerprint cards for police clearance, employment verification, medical licensing, visa purpose, and immigration etc.

The fingerprint expert deals with various types of disputed documents such as:

• Sale Deed/Agreement
• Cheques
• Will
• Promissory Notes
• Service Registers
• Recruitment Applications
• Memorandum of Understanding
• Bank Application Forms
• Bills/Receipts
• Official letters/Statements
• Suicide Letters
• Land Registration Documents

Truth Labs provide a wide range of DNA Forensics Services in India.

Truth Labs provides DNA profiling services to the common man, Hospitals and Clinics, Insurance Companies as well as Courts and Law Enforcement Agencies in India.

The types of cases that we have solved include:

o Paternity/Maternity disputes
o Kinship DNA test
o Lineage/Familial disputes resolution
o DNA Fingerprinting for Living Donor Organ Transplants
o Forensic DNA analysis of crime scene evidence and murder weapons
o Identification of victims of mass disasters
o Homicide cases
o Sexual assault and gang-rape cases
o Suspected baby swapping cases
o Immigration VISA DNA test
o Suspected cases of driver swapping
o Missing person identification
o Ancient DNA analysis

We work and examine a wide variety of biological samples including blood, teeth, bones, muscles, saliva, semen, hair, nails, bloody garments as well as physical evidences like knives, scissors, bamboo sticks, iron rods, used condoms, etc.

Our DNA profiling reports are legally valid, ISO certified, peer reviewed, confidential, prompt, affordable and accessible.

Our only purpose in doing DNA profiling is to provide peace of mind, justice and closure to families and loved ones.

The trends of crime and the methods applied to detect the modus operandi of criminals and the evidence has significantly changed from conventional to digital means. In cases involving audio or video recording of voices or images of persons associated with an incident/event/situation/violation/act of omission or commission especially when there is an editing/morphing/manipulation/doctoring and etc. is suspected, one has to examine the digital evidence such as audio/video/photographs/images to prove/disprove about the very authenticity of recording and the identity of person(s) or voices of speaker using Audio-Video forensic tools and techniques, it is possible to prove or disprove the version of the defendant based on evidence made available.

At Truth Labs we perform
1. Authentication of audio recordings in a mobile phone, voice recorders handheld/recorders etc.
2. Authentication of video recordings in CCTV, mobile phone, spy/digital camera, IVRs and DVRs, broadcasted videos on TV, etc.
3. Audio-Video authentication when the recording devices captures audio as well as video
4. Authentication of pictures/photographsin any file format in cases of defamatory/threatening/anonymous/fabricated/manipulated images or pictures in official/personal disputes, scams, scandals, harassment, extortion, trap cases, examination scams, theft /murder, porno videos etc. when the recording device or secondary device such as pen-drive, CD, DVD, photographs, etc. are for personal/legal purpose.

Evidence when found authentic can be submitted before the Court of Law or any equivalent authority. The evidence when found tampered or manipulated can to establish his innocence/guilt of the accused.

Not in all cases the clarity of audio or video is so good to understand what is heard or is seen requires image/video or voice or audio enhancement. Truth Labs offers audio enhancement to enhance the quality of audio recordings for better voice clarity and Video enhancement for better visibility to identify the individual/object, to understand sequence of events, identification of number plate in hit and run cases etc.

Many a times it becomes necessary to confirm that the individual heard or seen is same as the suspect or not to make sure an innocent is not convicted and a guilty is not acquitted. Truth Labs provide Forensic speaker identification/ speaker verification to see if both the speakers are one and the same. Facial comparison by comparison of image/photograph/video to see if the picture is of one and only person, alongside facial comparison could be possible to verify the identity of the individuals based on the gait pattern analysis performed at Truth Labs.

Truth Labs provides 65B certificate when recording device is provided for examination.

Crimes committed using computers/computer devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones or even major insulations on offices, government, industry, factories, etc. where multiple hard-disks for processing a large amount of information has to be computed which also includes satellite systems that process huge amounts of data highlighting to billions of mobile phones interconnected to the entire world and the airplanes and satellite launch vehicles which carry passengers to the destinations within the globe are to the moon, mars or saturn and not excluding the recent trips to the moon by a few adventurers and billionaires like Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezoz reached the spaceX as a part of space tourism in 2021 making it possible that computers can do wonders which a man has not imagined 6 decades ago. All this became possible with a power of computing devices which can revolutionize the life on the Earth as well as other planets.

Today the miniature computer systems in the form of microchips and sensors are working in servers, pen-drives, mobile phones and host of other devices enabling people to send communications, pictures, texts, videos, audio messages, and conversations connecting the whole world with billions of devices. While a majority of 7 billion people are using these devices for productive purposes, a few million people are using the computer technologies for destructive purposes causing personal loss to the people and property damage to the society across the world by violating the laws of the land for transmitting obscene messages, offensive E-mails, data manipulation, image manipulation, fake messages, hacking, human trafficking, false websites, data theft, video manipulation, speech/voice manipulation and several other offences committed through sending communications in the cyber space.

Such violations caused applying internet as a source of technology and using any kind of computed device that can be operated with fingers or voices or other commands from any place to any place through the space are known as cybercrimes.

To trace, track and trail behind the criminals, Truth Labs Cyber Forensic & Audio Video division have several technologies in the form of audio authentication/voice identification/speaker identification/video authentication/image authentication/facial recognition/facial reconstruction/fake video analysis/video enhancement/CC TV footage analysis/photographic verification/all record authentication/email analysis or authentication/data theft analysis/intellectual property (IT theft)/message authentication/whatsapp message authentication/email sender tracing/text message recovery/hard-disk recovery/data back-up/mobile phone data recovery/cloud forensic authentication/illegal data transfer/mobile hacking/identity theft and so on as well as issuing 65B certificate for the primary data contained in the host of devices that are brought to Truth Labs for verification.

The types of cases that can be handled by the Cyber Forensics & Audio Video division includecheating, theft, infidelity, family disputes, business litigation, slow squad theft, unauthorized access, illegal trade, money laundering, blackmailing, harassment, murder, rape, kidnaping, extortion, dating services, digital gambling and etc.

Psychological screening of suspects in cases of cheating, fraud, theft, abuse, harassment, infidelity, threat, kidnapping, murder, terrorism or any other white collar and violent crimes, and behavioural profiling for pre-employment screening and post-employment loyalty checks in cases of doubtful integrity, dishonesty, intellectual property theft, data leakage etc.

Examination of various types of physical, chemical and biological materials such as unknown powders, liquids and substances for characterisation and comparison with a known control materials for absolute identification like chassis numbers restoration and ignition keys examination for alleged stolen or lost 2- / 4-wheelers and heavy vehicles, examination of burnt and tampered electric meters or duplicate speed governors or other electrical and digital mechanical parts, analysis of trace evidence such as glass, paint, precious materials, soil, debris, diatoms, hair, fibre, blood, saliva, semen etc. as well as counterfeit currency, stamps, tyre marks, shoe prints etc. in cases of fraud, theft, poisoning, drug trafficking, drowning, accidents, fire, pilferage, rape, murder, kidnapping, cheating etc.

Study of the language used by an individual in course of his personal, family, business or official correspondence in the form of noting in the files, typed matter in documents, dictations for data entry, mails sent, chat messages between the associated persons, all of which invariably contain the characteristics of one’s own linguistic patterns in terms of vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, sentence formation, paraphrasing, use of idioms, emoji’s, emoticons, accent phrases and other atypical features that distinguishes one from others and all of this are required in fixing the authorship of a writer, author or literary writer or documents or authorship of anonymous letters or routine communications, legal documents, literary writings, email or text communications, scripts, etc., all with an objective of linking the suspect / author with that of the available data from all the sources.

Study of data in terms of numbers and figures in financial statements, balance sheets, tally records, audit reports or any other notes representing expenditure, sales, purchase, loan, donation, service money etc. that becomes questionable for the purpose of internal audits, annual audits, tax audits or detecting other fraudulent or illegal or unauthorised actions for identifying the individual or organisation responsible for violation of regulatory or statutory compliances with ultimate purpose of such financial auditing using forensic tools and techniques include due diligence, system and process audits in legal, HR, purchase, IT etc., tracking diversion of funds, tracing illegal transfer of assets, assessment of lost profits, value and cash flow, excess cost, interest / time and value of money from end to end, in a variety of white collar economic frauds such as money laundering, procurement fraud, theft of physical assets, information theft, manipulation of data, cyber attacks, corruption and bribery employee attrition and other legal complexities faced by banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and other commercial entities.