Forensic Consultancy

  • forensic consultancy
  • Medical and Forensic Evaluation
  • 10 Digit Fingerprint Certification (FPImp)
  • Dispute Resolution Advisory / Consultancy (CN)

Many a time individuals, families and organizations are confronted with the problem of providing evidence to prove the veracity of their statements or defend their claims or contentions to the police or to the courts. Due to lack of knowledge and resources to provide tangible proofs they end up in frustration. Truth Labs has the knowledge, expertise and resources to advice those interested in obtaining evidence to prove their point.

Based on study of post mortem reports, medical history, hospital records, diagnostic reports, inquest reports, photographs, video, sketches, histo-chemical and histo-pathological reports in suspected cases of death, rape, murder, sexual assault, bodily injuries and other hurt cases.

Involving fingerprint taking by qualified, trained and certified experts of Truth Labs on the standard / prescribed 10 digit fingerprint cards with rolled and plain fingerprints impressions for immigration, police clearance, visa, employee verification purposes for various countries.

The forensic analytical, investigation and consultancy services of Truth Labs have set new standards across India for resolving civil, criminal, moral, ethical, family, business or commercial disputes redressed in quick time by virtue of the ISO 9001:2015 certified reports delivered by legally accredited experts, accepted by the Courts and Police as a valid document of proof based on material evidence prompting them to take further legal recourse or enabling the clients to reach an amicable and out of the court settlement to uphold family dignity, business reputations and personal prestige and public image, thus considering Truth Labs as an independent lab supplementing, supporting and strengthening the services of Central and State FSLs and also making it an Alternate Dispute Resolution agency in India.